Qatari-Moroccan Business Council is looking to strengthen trade alliances


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The Qatari-Moroccan Joint Business Council discussed ways to enhance cooperation relations between the private sector in Qatar and Morocco, during the meeting that was held today, Wednesday, December 21, by videoconference, with the participation of HE Mr. Mohamed bin Twar Al-Kuwari, First Vice-chairman of the Qatar Chamber, and Mr. Mahdi Al-Tazi, Deputy General of the President of the General Confederation of Moroccan Enterprises.

The meeting was also attended by Mr. Ismail Al-Ansari, Vice President of the Qatari side of the Qatari-Moroccan Joint Business Council, and Mr. Mohamed Baida, President of the Moroccan side.

Mr. Abdul Rahman Al-Ansari, member of the Board of Directors of Qatar Chamber, and a number of Qatari businessmen, members of the Joint Business Council, also participated in the meeting.

In his opening speech to the meeting, Mr. Mohammed bin Twar Al-Kuwari stressed the need to activate the role of the joint Qatari-Moroccan Business Council, and to strengthen cooperation between the private sector in the two brotherly countries, in a way that increasing economic and commercial cooperation between the two countries and in a manner commensurate with the available capabilities and with the strong fraternal relations that combine Qatar and Morocco.

He pointed out that the Qatari-Moroccan relations are witnessing increasing growth, especially in light of the tendency of the leaderships of the two countries to continue to strengthen them and to ensure their continuous development, as evidenced by the cooperation agreements signed between the two sides and the levels of growth in intra-trade, as well as joint investments.

He said that the role of the private sector in the two countries is complementary to this governmental role, in promoting joint cooperation and building bridges of cooperation between Qatari and Moroccan companies, which leads to entering into partnerships and trade alliances, whether in Morocco or in Qatar, so as to contribute to the revitalization of trade between the two countries.

he added that despite The remarkable growth of trade exchange between Qatar and Morocco, which achieved 84% in 2021, reaching the level of QR 754 million, compared to QR 411 million in the previous year 2020, we still aspire to further growth compared to the capabilities available in both countries.

Bin Twar stressed the importance of activating the joint business council through exchanging visits and discussing all issues that contribute to developing cooperation relations between the private sector in the two countries and encouraging Qatari and Moroccan companies to establish joint alliances, noting that there are dozens of joint Qatari-Moroccan companies that are active in the Qatari market. In various sectors such as hospitality, trade, contracting, fashion, beauty, services, and others. he said that the Qatari market can absorb more alliances and welcomes Moroccan companies wishing to invest in Qatar.

For his part, Mr. Mahdi Tazi, General Vice-President of the General Confederation of Moroccan Enterprises, stressed the importance of strengthening the role of the Joint Business Council in building profitable economic partnerships between the two sides in various fields such as food security, renewable energy, water desalination, and others, pointing to the keenness of both sides to achieve economic integration, pointing to The Moroccan private sector is fully prepared to work with its Qatari counterpart to achieve common goals.

He pointed out that the General Confederation of Moroccan Enterprises, through the Joint Business Council, confirms its commitment to work with the Qatar Chamber to develop an action plan for the development of economic and trade cooperation between the two countries.

Mr. Mahdi Al-Tazi congratulated the State of Qatar on the wonderful organization and the impressive success of the World Cup.

The President of the Moroccan side of the Qatari-Moroccan Business Council, Mr. Mohamed Beda, said that the council will work on developing a strategy to enhance cooperation between the Qatari and Moroccan private sectors, so that it will be the link between businessmen from the two countries.


For his part, Mr. Ismail Al-Ansari, Vice-President of the Qatari side in the Qatari-Moroccan Joint Business Council, conveyed the greetings of HE Sheikh Khalifa bin Jassim Al-Thani, President of the Qatari side in the Joint Business Council.

he said that the Joint Business Council will work to develop cooperation between the two sides and facilitate obstacles in front of Qatari and Moroccan companies towards strengthening partnerships and alliances.

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