MADLSA briefed Qatar Chamber on new expat laws


Qatar Chamber Chairman HE Sheikh Khalifa bin Jassim Al Thani has recently presided over the meeting of the Board of Directors in the presence of Mohamed Hassan al-Obaidly, Assistant Undersecretary for Labour Affairs at the Ministry of Administrative Development, Labour and Social Affairs (MADLSA).

The meeting touched on many topics including the recently issued laws regarding determining the minimum wage for workers and domestic workers and facilitating changing jobs as well as challenges facing the private sector.

The meeting was also attended by QC General Manager Saleh bin Hamad Al Sharqi.

Addressing the meeting, Sheikh Khalifa underscored the importance of boosting cooperation and coordination between QC and MADLSA to address the obstacles and challenges faced by the private sector companies related to the Ministry’s competencies.

On his part, Mohamed Hassan al-Obaidly said the Ministry was keen on supporting business owners and the private sector as well as protecting the interests of laborers.

He praised the cooperation of the joint committee between the Chamber and the Ministry, noting that it reviews the obstacles facing the private sector.

Al-Obaidly outlined details of the new amendments which included determining the minimum wage for workers and domestic workers, amendments to the labour law and amendments to the law regulating the entry and exit of expatriates and their residence.

He noted that these reforms aimed to improve conditions of labour working in the state.

With regard to amendments aiming to facilitate changing workplace, he said that there are three controls for changing jobs which ensure the interests of the employee and the employer, namely the notification, non-competition and compensation.

“The State of Qatar has been highly praised by many countries and international organisations after issuing these laws and amendments,” he noted.

Further, he pointed out that it was agreed to form a joint committee between the Chamber and the Ministry to discuss recruitment requests and other issues such as the ban and any other obstacles facing the private sector, noting that  this committee will be responsible for addressing all issues and obstacles facing the private sector and related to the Ministry’s competences.

Al-Obaidli revealed the Ministry’s decision to stop the ban on all companies affiliated with the violating company, so that the ban will be only on the violating commercial register, especially with regard to delaying the payment of salaries.

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