Diplomats expect 2022 World Cup to be super success

DOHA: After successful end of Russia 2018, now football lovers across the world have set their eyes at 2022 FIFA World Cup Qatar for which preparations are under way at the full swing to deliver the best ever sporting event of the history.

Diplomats of various countries have expressed their delight over the quality and speed of preparations with hopes that Qatar 2022 will not only be a super successful sporting event of the history but will also diversify and boost Qatar’s economy and raise country’s stature in international community.

Commenting on Qatar 2022, Chargé d’Affaires of the US embassy in Qatar, Ryan Gliha, said: “I want to extend my warmest wishes again to Qatar and the Qatari people for taking on the tremendous and historic task of hosting the 2022 FIFA World Cup.”

“The world is watching Qatar as never before, and these next four years will be filled with as many opportunities as challenges.  This country is making impressive progress as it moves forward in developing an innovative sports infrastructure that will complement Qatar’s existing backdrop of modern construction and architecture,” he told The Peninsula.

“There is a lot of confidence in Qatar and the various government organizations that have been tasked to ensure the facilities are world-class, and I have no doubt that the 2022 World Cup will be yet another example of Qatar’s strong tradition of generous hospitality, which millions of international visitors and spectators across the world will experience for themselves first-hand,” he added.

Ryan Gliha said that during his three years here, he had observed how Qatar had committed itself to excellence in all areas and the US is proud to be a strategic partner on many fronts, including in security, counterterrorism, culture and education.

“Beyond this our two countries enjoy a robust economic and investment relationship: the United States is not only Qatar’s single largest import partner, but is also a key partner in the energy and aviation sector.  Over 100 American businesses operate in Qatar, and Education City boasts six of America’s top universities – which are just a few concrete examples of our growing partnership.”

The World Cup, Gliha has said, will spur further innovation and enterprise among Qatar’s already sophisticated economy.  “The US Embassy in Doha is excited to continue partnering with Qatar in building on this unprecedented opportunity in sports diplomacy to further our cooperation with Qatar on sports, education, science and technology, cybersecurity, and a host of other shared goals.”

Ambassador of Turkey to Qatar, Fikret Ozer, said that hosting World Cup in 2022 shows the important role Qatar is playing and its position in the world. “Qatar has defeated all obstacles and few days back it has received the host mantle of next World Cup 2022.”

“It will be something unique because it is the first time that it will be hosted in an Islamic country and first time in the Middle East. Qatar is ready and has fulfilled its commitments either related to construction of World Cup infrastructure like stadiums, hotels and transportation projects like Qatar Rail”, Ozer said.

He said that Qatar had implemented all its commitments related to FIFA World Cup and ‘this shows that it is able to host the World Cup 2022’.  He said that hosting World Cup would also help Qatar economically.

Regarding the cooperation between Qatar and Turkey in the field of Sports and hosting World Cup 2022, the ambassador said that Turkey’s population was more than 85 million and as had vast experience in organizing sporting events. “Turkey has experience is managing security, traffic etc and we are and will cooperate with Qatar in these areas.”

French ambassador to Qatar, Eric Chevallier, said: “I am impressed by the commitment and dedication of Qatar to organize this World Cup in 2022, and by the excellent work of the Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy. I am confident that the World Cup in Qatar will be unique and a global success. I am eager to come back in 2022, as a supporter, and I hope that France, as defending Champion, will not only qualify but will keep the title.”

Ewa Polano, Ambassador of Sweden to Qatar said that the preparations in Qatar for FIFA 2022 are very impressive. “In fact several  persons I have talked to, who are much more experienced in FIFA matters than I am, have assured me that probably no country, or, anyhow, really very few FIFA host countries, have been so well prepared, so long time in advance, as Qatar now is for 2022. This gives Qatar a unique platform to be an extra sharp, alert and ready host country.”

She said that embassy of Sweden in Doha had had the opportunity to meet now and then, often together with visiting Swedish delegations, the Secretary General Hassan Thawadi of the Supreme Committee of Delivery and Legacy. “Hassan Thawadi is a  dynamic, smart and highly ambitious leader. He has played a very important role and is a strong driving force for all the planning and preparations for 2022. He speaks many languages and is a very important Qatari representative for FIFA 2022 – also abroad.”

The ambassador said that Hassan Thawadi has been instrumental, in the same strong way, for improving the construction workers conditions for all the sport arenas and the very important establishment of the ILO project office in Doha on April 29, 2018.

“This has been important for increasing the credibility of Qatar’s preparations. In fact the new standards for workers, initially set by QF, SC and Meshereib Properties, plus the new labour legislation, when implemented correctly, has opened up for an increased Swedish business interest in Qatar. One already good existing example is that the Swedish company ENVAC has provided the waste management systems to Lusail, Mshreibh, Hamad Airport and The Pearl. My dream is to develop this waste management further with the latest Swedish environmental technology to be used in 2022.”

“I believe that Qatar’s FIFA 2022 has a strong potential to be an extra successful FIFA. One reason is that it will be easier to be in one spot and see many more matches than for example having to move between different regions, to new cities , and to have to travel to a totally different part of the country.”

She said that Qatar National Vision 2030 had one important stop and checkpoint on the road to 2030 which is 2022. “This gives a strong push for  Qatar to be ready with a splendid beautiful Doha and surrounding areas in 2022.”

The ambassador said that Qatar has, with its high ambitions, become the cultural and intellectual hub in the Gulf and Doha is now a very beautiful, ultra modern city, built and developed in elegant harmony with its history and traditional cultural values.

She said that Qatar will be the first country in the Middle East to host FIFA World Cup and ‘I believe firmly this is going to be a very successful and historic FIFA.’ Knowing the impresssive ambitions of the Qatari leadership, she said, she was actually convinced that FIFA 2022 will be extra worth visiting.

Ambassador of Italy to Qatar, Pasquale Salzano said: “The 2022 FIFA World Cup represents a great achievement for the State of Qatar, which comes in recognition of the emergent role played by the country in the field of sport. Doha has become an important hub in the Middle East and Gulf region for hosting international sport competitions due to its excellent facilities and stadiums and for the very friendly and welcoming approach of its people.”

He added:  “I am sure that the World Cup will be particularly successful, not only for the perfect organization and its beautiful framework, but also for the cultural message that from Doha will be spread around the world. Qatar, like Italy, strongly believes that sport can really benefit the society with a positive influence on lifestyle and the promotion of high moral values.”

“This event represents also a big challenge and a great opportunity at the same time, as hundreds of thousands of tourists and fans will come to Doha from everywhere to cheer for their national teams. For the Region it will be an extraordinary achievement and an occasion to create a common land of mutual understanding and solid links with people from every part of the world. Heartfelt congratulations to Qatari friends for receiving the mantle of hosting the 2022 FIFA World Cup and good luck,” he concluded.

Dr Axel Wabenhorst, Australian Ambassador to Qatar, wspeaking to Lusail daily newspaper said that every Qatari has the right to be proud because his country will host this great sporting event. “As we have all seen, Qatar’s preparations for the 2022 World Cup are doing well, starting with infrastructure such as Metro, roads and stadiums for the World Cup, all of which are going well. I think the next edition of the World Cup in Qatar will be more successful.”

He said that there is cooperation between Qatar and Australia in sport field through the participation of Australian companies in infrastructure projects, and “we expect cooperation to be greater in the coming period”.

Ambassador of Netherlands to Qatar, Dr Bahia Tahzib-Lie told Lusail daily that after the end of the World Cup in Russia all eyes are on Doha and how much Qatar is prepared to host the next tournament in 2022.

“The hosting of FIFA World Cup is a great success for Qatar, the Middle East and the world. The Netherlands is proud to be a partner of Qatar towards a more vibrant sports sector,” she added.

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