QC Education Committee, Silatech adopts new initiative for employment inside Qatar


Qatar Chamber’s Education Committee, headed by QC First Vice-Chairman and Chairperson of the Committee HE Mohamed bin Twar Al Kuwari, recently held a meeting with officials from Silatech, which is an international social development nonprofit non-governmental organization in Qatar.

It works on connecting youth wherever they are to jobs and enable resources for them to establish and sustain successful enterprises through providing innovative solutions to its local, regional and international partners.

The meeting was co-chaired by Silatech’s CEO Hassan Al Mulla.

The meeting touched on means of enhancing cooperation and partnership between both parties, especially in mechanisms of the private educational sector’s contribution in the implementation of Silatech’s initiative which aims to empower and employ those born in Qatar or children of Qatari women.

The initiative includes two main tracks, namely the employment initiative and providing supports for individuals of this segment who already own projects to increase their capabilities and expand these projects to attract more jobs to this segment.

Addressing the meeting, HE Mohamed bin Twar Al Kuwari underscored the importance of supporting residents who were born and educated in Qatar and providing them some privileges in employment, affirming that this initiative is instrumental for the private sector and for this segment as well.

He also said that the initiative offers trained employment that is already existing in the country, noting that this helps in reducing recruitment costs for companies.

For his part, Hassan Al Mulla praised the initiative which will be the beginning of a strategic partnership between Qatar Chamber and Silatech.

He also stressed that the draft project of QC Education Committee’s Project Team for recruiting Qatar-born residents is compatible with the same project which is being prepared by Silatech.

Al Mulla indicated that this initiative stems from the Qatar National Vision 2030, which aims to balance economic, environmental, and societal growth for all residents of Qatar by investing in them and ensuring the provision of care, attention, and justice to all residents.

“Silatech is currently communicating with relevant actors and concerned authorities in Qatar in order to set the basic frameworks for the initiative and its mechanisms and to bring partners in preparation for launching the initiative,” he said.

It is noteworthy that the initiative is one of the projects developed by the QC Education Committee’s Projects Team, headed by member of QC’s Education Committee Mrs. Fatima Ghanem Al Kubaisi – and one of the social responsibility projects of the Committee.

The initiative is part of Silatech’s strategy aiming to provide 5 million jobs for youth.

To date, Silatech succeeded in providing 2 million jobs for youth in Africa and the Middle East in many countries such as Palestine, Yemen, Morocco, Tunisia, Somalia, Sudan and Ethiopia.

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