Private Sector Exports Quarterly Report – Fourth Quarter 2022 – Qatar Chamber

Data indicate that the decline in the total value of exports of the private sector during Q4/2022 was due to the decrease in the value of all models of certificate, except for the GSP and the Unified GCC models, which showed an increase on an annualized basis.

As for the GSP model, the exports through this model are estimated at QR795 mn, showing an increase of 159.5 percent on an annual basis compared with QR 306.5 mn, while they declined by 9.4 percent compared with QR 877.63 mn on a quarterly basis in Q3/2022.

Exports through the Unified GCC model which estimated at QR 1,398.03 mn, recording an increase of 5.4 percent compared to QR 1,326 mn on an annual basis in Q4/2021, while it decreased by 39.7 percent on a quarterly basis compared to its value in Q3/2022.

On the other hand, exports through the Unified Arab model amounted to QR145.97 mn, showing a decrease by 46.7 percent on a yearly basis in Q4/2021 which amounted to QR273.63 mn and by 38.9 percent on a quarterly basis which amounted to QR239.06 mn in Q3/2022.

Exports through the General model amounted to QR4,587.63 mn, a decrease of 19.4 percent y-on-y during Q4/2021 which amounted to QR5,688.68 mn, and by 19.7 percent on a quarterly basis in Q3/2022 which amounted to QR5,715.27 mn.


Exports through the Singapore model amounted to QR 86.41 mn, a decline by 8.9 percent on a y-on-y basis compared to QR 94.87mn in Q4/2021 and by 62 percent on a quarterly basis compared to QR 227.18mn in Q3/2022.

Exports through Agricultural and Livestock model amounted to QR0.144mn.

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