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Company NameSuper Spices For Export
Select Business OpportunityOther
Other Business Opportunityherbs and spices Exporters
Investment Range$2 million - $5 million
Brand NameSuper Spices For Export
No. of Distributors1
Investment Required$5 million and above
Business Details

Super Spices For Export
Our company was established as a company business in 2015. The company started its activity in its own farms by growing and trading of Herbs, Spices, seeds and. The main activity was in cultivation and processing the products and selling them in our local markets. By the beginning of 2015 we decided to expand our activity to export our production of (Herbs, Spices, seeds, grains and all agricultural crops) to all countries over the world. We succeeded in exporting and establishing a good business relation with many partners in many European, Asian and Arabian countries in food industry sector.

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