Brochure Printing

Whoever decided that a picture is worth a thousand words was definitely onto something – show your prospects and customers you’re a cut above by showcasing your products with a cleanly designed, high-quality brochure

We offer bi-fold and tri-fold brochure printing in three standard sizes: 8.5×11″, 8.5 x14″, and 11×17″. We also print custom-sized brochures in dimensions ranging from 5.5×4.25″ up to 26×12”. A tri-folded brochure has six panels, while a bi-folded brochure has four panels. We also print multi-page brochures, so can tailor your design to your needs.

To give your brochure a unique finish, we offer hot foil stamping and embossing, as well as die-cutting facilities so you can experiment with different shapes and sizes.

A brochure can be a powerful marketing communications tool for your business, so keep these things in mind to make sure it does the job:

  1. The purpose of the brochure – do you want to inform, educate, entertain or persuade?
  2. The target audience – who are you trying to reach? What are their motivations, concerns and pain points?
  3. The message – when crafting your message, consider the reader’s point of view. We lay your photos and text out in a balanced way keep the reader’s eyes moving from one element on the page to the next.
  4. The layout – how will you sustain the reader’s interest? Keep the cover simple and your main points bold and clear. Give specific details about what sets your product apart from the competition, using bulleted text to summarise key points and move the reader quickly through the content. Testimonials from satisfied clients provide tangible insight into why your product is so great. Make sure you include a call to action and give the reader complete information on how to take the next step – whether that’s how to contact you, how to reach a store or offering a coupon they can fill out.
  5. The quality – choose Spectrum for unparalleled printing quality with no minimum quantity. We handle everything from graphic design, prepress and production to delivery. Our short-run printing is cost effective whilst delivering outstanding quality, while our presses store the precise Pantone colours used in your printing to ensure consistency in your branding.

Before we print, we provide you with a complete proof so you can ensure the final product will be error free. We also undertake a complete prepress check with various criteria to ensure perfect colour registration and print quality. Once the brochure is approved by you and our print technologists it’s ready to go, and your brochure is printed within a day.

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