Jewelry Soldering Kit w/Butane Torch SFC Tools Kit-1700


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Get started soldering silver with our affordable Soldering Kit! We put this kit together with our customers in mind, whether you are a beginner or require soldering tools for your studio. You can start soldering sterling silver, fine silver, PMC3, copper, brass and gold. We include all of the basic soldering tools, supplies and a book for how to soldering tips and techniques. These soldering products are all you need to perform small soldering tasks for jewelry making and repairs, tasks such as balling headpins, soldering chain ends, pin backs and bails, soldering jump rings closed and so much more. Kit includes: * Mini Butane Torch (supplied empty) – Large flame soldering torch. * Silver Solder Wire – Easy or soft 19G 1ft. * Silver Solder Wire – Medium 19G 1ft. * Silver Solder Wire – Hard 19G 1ft. * Sparex Pickle Compound – 10 oz. for removing firescale and carbon from metals * Handy Flux – Paste Flux 1/2 lb. Works well on large and small projects! * Magnesia Soldering Block – Soft fire-proof material 6″x3″x1-1/2″ * Copper Tongs with Curved Tip for use with pickling and patina solutions. * Tweezers – Boley Style – Excellent for picking up and placing solder 4-1/4″L * Third Hand w/Tweezers – Cross locking 6 1/2″ L Handy soldering tweezers * Tripod with Mesh Screen 9″ legs 6″x6″ mesh screen, makes sweat soldering a breeze! * Eco Solder Pick 6-1/4″ soldering pick w/hardwood handle for insulation. * Wire Cutter Box joint mini flush side cutter (Style and PVC color may vary) * Utility Flux Brush hand cupped to shape, needle sharp points. Great as a flux brush! * Soldering Made Simple by Joe Silvera – Complete guide to soldering with the Mini Torch

Sparex Pickle Compound, Silver Solder Wire – Easy, Medium and Hard,
Handy Flux, Magnesia Soldering Block, Copper Tongs with Curved Tip,
Tweezers – Boley Style, Third Hand w/Tweezers, Tripod with Mesh Screen,
Eco Solder Pick, Wire Cutter (Style and PVC color may vary), Utility Flux Brush


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